Spring-Ready Collection

The head-to-toe beauty collection, featuring our bestselling Almond Shower Oil and Immortelle Essential Water, for luxury pampering on-the-go.

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This Set Includes :

- Almond Delicious Hands 10ml
- Almond Shower Oil 75ml
- Immortelle Essential Water 30ml
- Aromachologie Shampoo 35ml
- Peony Perfecting Cream 8ml
- Shea Butter Foot Cream 10ml
- Almond Supple Skin Oil Sample 4ml (x2)
- Almond Milk Concentrate Sample 4ml (x2)
- L'Occitane Pouch


The almond tree gave Mediterranean women one of their very first beauty secrets. The L'OCCITANE Laboratory has revealed its hidden talents in products that help to moisturize, firm and smooth. Discover the exceptional benefits of the almond oil, for a delicious way to beautiful skin… Learn more about our Almond Collection Almond