Peony Flash Moisture Mask Set of 6

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Peony Flash Moisture Mask Set of 6


Contains 6 Single-Use Peony Flash Moisture Masks. With its rich, creamy texture, this mask immediately quenches skin’s thirst and infuses it with moisture. Skin feels nourished, plumped and beautifully supple. The complexion looks velvety and radiant, with a sparkling glow.Contains Peony Extract and Glycerin. This single use mask is ideal for traveling or an indulgent treat to moisturize your skin.


A velvety petal for a perfect-looking skin. Quite simply sublime, Peony by L'Occitane fulfills your dreams of perfection upon first contact. For a skin complexion that looks transformed and flawless, from the very first applications. Discover our Pivoine Sublime skincare range and experience the L'Occitane nude effect. Peony