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New Year, New You

Welcome 2019 - the start of a new year and fresh opportunities! After a holiday season of indulgence and cheer, it is time to revisit personal goals and set them live. Maybe you want to treat yourself with travel this year or treat others by philanthropic means. Let L'OCCITANE ease the path to a better you.

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Body First

Is January 2nd the day you try out that no-fat, low-carb diet? Or your first day back in the gym? Drastic lifestyle changes are hard to accept. Gradually adjust your diet to one of moderation and clean-eating. Small changes can make just as big of a difference. And after a successful training session, don't forget to wash off sweat and dirt built up on your body and in your hair. For clean and softened hair, try our Aromachologie repairing shampoo and conditioner duo after your workout!
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Land that Promotion

Looking to advance in your career this year? Maybe your plan is to be on your "A-game" and excel as the superstar in the office. Let L'OCCITANE help you start off the day right. Include our invigorating Verbena Shower Gel in your morning wash, so you can jumpstart your day to stand out at work.
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See The World

Got the travel bug for 2019? Or maybe you've had your share of envying all the vacation photos on social media and want some of your own. A trip, no matter how long or how far, is still another new opportunity to explore a new culture. Begin planning one fit for your budget, schedule and personality. And don't forget to plan on bringing along L'OCCITANE's travel-ready products, for convenient beauty products that can provide head-to-toe pampering on-the-go.
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Need Inspiration?

Don't know where to go? Take a trip to France and stop by Provence to visit our Factory and experience the treasures of nature we concentrate into our hand cream or bath products.

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Be More Charitable

Is 2019 your year of giving back? Find causes you are passionate about and can realistically donate time or money to. You can even indirectly contribute by shopping at companies that donate part of their proceeds to philanthropic foundations. L'OCCITANE Foundation's main  initiatives support visual impairment around the world and the economic emancipation for women in Burkina Faso - and so can you!
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Spend less, save more

Maybe this year is also the one to bulk up the savings account. You can put away money systematically and habitually. Or you can save by not purchasing things you don't need, but also save with things you do need. Food can be bought in bulk or larger packages at a cheaper price. The same can be done for L'OCCITANE body care products, like our Almond Shower Oil and other body & bath products, which are available in larger or refill sizes for a better value than the regular sizes.
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Reconnect with old pals

Tired of the "We should hang out soon" line? This year, take initiative and plan an opportunity to reconnect with old friends. Host a dinner party or game night and invite a few old friends over. To spruce up the place, you can leave out one of our Home Diffuser Sets to freshen up the room and create a sensorially intriguing atmosphere.
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