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L'Occitane Lipsticks

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Our new make-up range is inspired by the markets of Provence and the captivating fruity aromas that escape from the stalls and fill the air, teasing the nose. It evokes leisurely weekends and baskets filled with fruits to create the most delicious feasts.

L'Occitane Face Masks

On Your Masks,
Get Set, Glow!

There's a scrub that exfoliates and brightens, a mask that soothes, and another mask that purifies. And they all have one thing in common: a texture that's deliciously tempting!

Beautiful Lips In 3

Step 1: Start With A Scrub!

For soft and smooth lips, start with a scrub! Our Delicious Lip Scrubs are formulated with extracts of mandarin orange, fig and raspberry, to exfoliate and moisturize.

Step 2: Keep going with a Balm!

Imagine vitamin-rich fruits from Provence captured in treats for your lips. The Delicious Tinted Lip Balms boast a delicious, creamy texture with an irresistible sunny scent, making it difficult to choose just one! Also discover our 3-in-1 Delicious Multi-Balm and Fruity Perfecting Balm.

Step 3: Finish with color!

Our Fruity Lipsticks they impress with their two-in-one design and coeur de fruit core, for instant hydration and color. Think plums, cherries and summer berries, with generous care and performance!

Our Multi-Masking Recipes

Healthy Glow
All skin types

Apply a thick layer of the Radiance Scrub on the cheeks, then rinse. Use the Purifying Mask on the forehead, nose and chin. You can also apply the Soothing Mask on the neck and around the jawline!

All skin types

The ultimate opportunity to give your skin a break, courtesy of the Purifying Mask. Apply a thick layer to the forehead, nose and chin. Then complete it with the Soothing Mask on the cheeks and neck.

Comfort & Refresh
All skin types

Start by using the Radiance Scrub to keep your skin bright and glowing. Rinse. Then, apply the Soothing Mask generously to the forehead, nose, chin, neck and jawline - almost everywhere, except the cheeks!