Luxury Advent Calendar

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Irresistible Treats You'll Want to Share! Featuring a selection of must-have skin care, body and bath, and hand care gifts.
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Luxury Advent Calendar


Discover the magic of the Holidays with this captivating Luxury Advent Calendar! Featuring 24 exclusive gifts for a luxurious way to beautify the countdown to the Holidays.
This year, our Luxury Advent Calendar comes in a unique moving design! The two towers rotate a full 360 degrees, revealing bold and whimsical designs on all four sides, where you discover the day’s numbered drawer. This is definitely our most fun and interactive Advent Calendar yet!

This Calendar Contains :
- Terre de Lumière Radiant Balm 10ml
- Shea Butter Body Shower Oil 35ml
- Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Lotion 30ml
- Shea Butter Hand Cream 10ml
- Shea Butter Ultra Rich Balm 4ml
- Verbena Eau De Toilette 10ml
- Immortelle Divine Youth Oil 4ml
- Immortelle Precious Cream 5ml
- Immortelle Divine Cream 4ml
- Aromachologie 5 Essentials Oils Shampoo 35ml
- Aromachologie 5 Essentials Oils Conditioner 35ml
- Almond Delicious Soap 50g
- Almond Shower Oil 35ml
- Almond Milk Concentrate 20ml
- Almond Supple Skin Oil 15ml
- Almond Delicious Hands 10ml
- Cherry Blossom Perfumed Soap 50g
- Cherry Blossom Shimmering Lotion 35ml
- Cherry Blossom Hand Cream 10ml
- Shea 3-in-1 Cleansing Water 30ml
- Shea Light Comforting Cream 5ml
- Aqua Réotier Moisture Prep Essence 30ml
- Aqua Réotier Ultra Thirst-Quenching Gel 8ml
- Terre de Lumière Eau de Parfum 5ml


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    I got the calendar last year and I thought it was amazing and couldn't get better, but guess what IT DID. Like WOW, this is absolutely brilliant, When I received it I felt like a 12 year old again discovering Narnia. It has so much in it, and a fair few things I haven't tried yet (oh oh lol). I will definitely enjoy my new toy for a good long time. Thank you. Cant wait to see what you come up with for next year. ( Maybe 25TH FIILED filled to the bring with your little samples. should fit 25 small envelopes no?)

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