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Eau Des 4 Voleurs Eau de Toilette Les Classiques De L'OCCITANE

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Skin is delicately perfumed with a fresh and aromatic fragrance.

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THE FRAGRANCE The unprecedented freshness of this fragrance reveals a combination of sparkling and aromatic scent along with notes of patchouli. In the head, the lightness and the insolence of fresh notes persists of petit grain and bergamot, in the heart, Cloves, oregano and lavender give way to a regressive agreement of spices and dried herbs in the sun. The fragrance ends with round notes of warm patchouli and white wood.

THE TRUE STORY In Provence, a legend, during the great plague of 1630 in Occitan, four robbers robbed abandoned houses stealing everything,without fear of infection. But they played with the devil for too long, and one day were caught red-handed. The judges promised them leniency if they revealed the secret of their immunity – so they told of their elixir. Supposedly invented by four brilliant and unscrupulous herbalists, the formula of this elixir was recorded in the Codex of the French Pharmacopoeia.Inspired by this legend, L'Occitane has created this fragrance of dazzling freshness of herbs and spices to flourish on a subtly wooded Scots dominant. A Perfume for Women.

THE COLLECTION Timeless, iconic, statutory, Classics! With the Classics Collection. L'Occitane returns to its fragrance heritage and resurrects the iconic fragrances of the past.

THE BOTTLE Classic and sleek this bottle is the Sami reflection of the timeless fragrances That make up this range. Brings the glass sobriety and transparency that characterizes the fragrance it contains.


Spray on the pulse points of the body: neck, chest, wrists.


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  • Smells like a men's parfum

    It does not smell like a fresh women's perfume. It actually smells like a strong men's perfume. I just received it from an online order but it's not feminine at all. I will not be able to wear it. Also, if you already have the verveine perfume or the citrus-verveine perfume, note that it's stronger than that and less fresh and more ''manly'' as a smell.

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