Eau D'iparie Eau De Parfum Les Classiques de L'OCCITANE

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Skin is perfumed with a opulent and smoky scent.
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Eau D'iparie Eau De Parfum Les Classiques de L'OCCITANE


THE PARFUM Barely has it touched the skin than it's clear that Eau d'Iparie is a fragrance with staying power – its woody notes accompanied by a dash of rose, peony and pink pepper. Its more masculine, oldfashioned facet harmonizes perfectly with the earthy opulence of patchouli and myrrh. This superb oriental has both passion and restraint, a velvety feel and an almost-gourmand quality, as myrrh, musk and frankincense come to rest on a bed of moss.

THE TRUE STORY Like a tale from One Thousand and One Nights. Iparie is a mirage, a conjured-up oasis town surrounded by the sea, in the middle of the desert… On a stop-off along the spice route, caravans loaded with precious ingredients wait in the shade of a caravanserai courtyard. Amidst all the hustle and bustle, no-one notices that frankincense and myrrh have escaped together. They slip into the hot evening air, cling briefly to the white sand walls, nestle into the folds of luxurious fabrics, revel in a bouquet of rose, pink pepper and peony, then settle in the fragrant water of a fountain draped in moss. Wherever they linger, the frankincense and myrrh of Iparie leave hints of a sensual love.

THE COLLECTION Timeless, iconic, statutory, Classics! With the Classics Collection. L'Occitane returns to its fragrance heritage and resurrects the iconic fragrances of the past.

THE BOTTLE Classic and sleek this bottle is the same reflection of the timeless fragrances that make up this range. the glass brings sobriety and transparency that characterizes the fragrance it contains.


Spray on the pulse points of the body: neck, chest, wrists.


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  • This EDP is a masterpiece. So much complexity, but not overwhelming. Oriental, yet fresh, finishing with an almost powdery scent. I hope L'Occitane keeps this one ongoing. It could very easily be my go-to perfume.

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