Delicious Almond Collection

Beautiful skin begins with nourishing body care featuring the sensorial textures and mouthwatering scents of L’OCCITANE’s Almond collection, powered by almond harvesting secrets passed down through generations.
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Delicious Almond Collection


The secret to our Almond collection’s is the almonds harvested from the Valensole plateau in Haute-Provence. L’OCCITANE has planted 15,000 almond trees in order to reintroduce this iconic tree in Provence. This holiday season, indulge in the delicious scent and rich textures of our Almond Collection, made with sustainably-sourced almonds from the South of France.

This set includes:
- Almond Shower Oil 250ml
- Almond Milk Concentrate 200ml
- Almond Delicious Hands 30ml
- Almond Delicious Paste 50ml
- Almond Delicious Soap 50g
- L'Occitane x Castelbajac Paris Yellow Gift Box


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