Aromatic L'Occitan Collection

Sophisticated with an unexpected twist, this L'Occitan collection suits the modern gent who has style and panache. The carefully crafted fragrance of distilled lavender blended with nutmeg, black pepper and smoked woods is redolent of the natural scents of Provence.
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Aromatic L'Occitan Collection


This set includes:
- L'Occitan After Shave Balm 30ml
- L'Occitan Shower Gel 250ml
- L'Occitan Soap 50g (x2)
- L'Occitane Gift Box


The L’Occitan range celebrates classic Provence and its men. The intense blue of the fields of lavender, the red soil of Roussillon, the sun that tans the skin, the siesta in the shade of the olive trees. The very rawness of the scents of Provence are reflected in this fragrance. Discover rugged and fragrant L'Occitan. L'Occitan


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