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Arlésienne Fragrance Collection

Explore the daring and captivating  world of Arlésienne, a floral fragrance collection with velvety rose, irresistible violet and spicy saffron.

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This Kit Contains :
- Arlésienne Eau de Toilette 75ml
- Arlésienne Beauty Milk 250ml
- Arlésienne Delightful Bath & Shower Gel 250ml
- L'Occitane Box


Daring and gracious, the woman of Arles encompasses the beauty of Provence. Elusive and attractive, she leaves a fragrant trail bursting with color and life, that lingers wherever she goes. L'OCCITANE celebrates the beauty and refinement of this iconic woman with Arlésienne, our newest fragrance collection; a subtle bouquet of rose for her grace, sweet violet for her mystery and saffron for her temperament.   Rose from Grasse, sweet violet and saffron from Provence come together in a floral fusion that reveals unexpected nuances. The Arlésienne fragrance evokes the woman of Arles - full of mystery, beauty and grace. Arlésienne


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