Arlésienne Delightful Bath & Shower Gel 250ml

ReviewNote 4.5 /5 (2 reviews)
An irresistible gel fragranced with the captivating floral bouquet of Arlésienne.

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An irresistible gel, fragranced with the captivating floral bouquet of Arlésienne… The Delightful Bath & Shower Gel transforms bathing and showering into a beauty ritual full of grace and femininity. Its light, airy foam dresses the skin in a delicate veil of scent, with interlaced notes of Grasse rose, violet and saffron from Provence – three flowers that flirt between tender innocence and a hypnotic sensuality.

THE FRAGRANCE A trio of flowers from Provence with a captivating trail, full of contrasts. An encounter between the supreme elegance of a velvety rose and the mystery of an irresistible violet, draped in spicy notes of saffron. Radiant, citrus notes of bergamot refresh the spicy saffron note and contrast with the crisp, green facets of galbanum. Grasse rose opens its petals over honeyed notes, tenderly interlaced with the powdery, iris notes of violet leaf from Provence. Finally, hints of musk and sandalwood voluptuously envelop this floral bouquet, leaving behind a smooth, captivating scent that lingers on the skin.

THE TRUE STORY The Arlésienne embodies the free and confident nature of a woman from the South of France. Today this young, self-assured woman celebrates her femininity. She takes her ribbon – a symbol of her unique and bold personality. Passed down from mother to daughter, the ribbon is the centerpiece of her costume and a reflection of her character.

THE DESIGN A modern bottle engraved with the Arlésienne's ribbon. A design that echoes the elegance of three flowers emblematic of Provence: rose, violet and saffron.

SUGGESTION The floral bouquet of Arlésienne lies at the heart of a collection of bodycare products. The Delightful Bath & Shower Gel gives a wonderful feeling of well-being. Make that feeling last even longer with the Arlésienne Beauty Milk, which moisturizes and perfumes the skin.


Apply on damp skin, massage and then rinse.


Daring and gracious, the woman of Arles encompasses the beauty of Provence. Elusive and attractive, she leaves a fragrant trail bursting with color and life, that lingers wherever she goes. L'OCCITANE celebrates the beauty and refinement of this iconic woman with Arlésienne, our newest fragrance collection; a subtle bouquet of rose for her grace, sweet violet for her mystery and saffron for her temperament.   Rose from Grasse, sweet violet and saffron from Provence come together in a floral fusion that reveals unexpected nuances. The Arlésienne fragrance evokes the woman of Arles - full of mystery, beauty and grace. Arlésienne


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  • Delightful !

    I enjoy the subtle, complex fragrance of this bath gel. It leaves lovely light fragrance on the skin which lasts. No overpowering scent here! No allergy triggers even for the fragrance sensitive around you. Its like your own secret aroma therapy while it lingers.

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  • Beautifully perfumed fragrance but maybe a bit too strong for a shower gel

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      4 out of 5
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