Peony Petal Cleansing Oil

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Peony Petal Cleansing Oil


Infused with real peony petals from Provence, this oil glides over the skin to help effectively and gently remove impurities, leaving skin feeling soft and hydrated.

The Peony Cleansing Oil’s refined, non-comedogenic formula gently cleanses, whilst its velvety texture leaves skin silky smooth and complexion more radiant and glowing.

Selected from only the finest blooms of the season, the petals are hand-picked at the height of their beauty, when the peony yields its largest and most velvety flowers.
They are then dried and placed into each bottle by hand which ensures that the flowers retain their exquisite natural qualities.


A velvety petal for a perfect-looking skin. Quite simply sublime, Peony by L'Occitane fulfills your dreams of perfection upon first contact. For a skin complexion that looks transformed and flawless, from the very first applications. Discover our Pivoine Sublime skincare range and experience the L'Occitane nude effect. Peony