My winter beauty kit

With the cold weather, winter means a big change in terms of your beauty routine. Featuring essential treatments and care, L'Occitane reveals its ideal beauty kit to outwit the plummeting temperatures.
By Mélissa Darré

A nourishing body cream 

Ideal for pampering sensitive skin and protecting against changes in temperature, this Almond Milk Concentrate combines two precious ingredients: milk and almond oil. A sensory duo that provides deep moisturisation while enveloping your skin in a delicate perfume. The ultra-rich protective texture provides up to 48 hours of hydration, making it a must-have item to revitalize your body when faced with the dryness of the winter months.

A cleansing oil for the face

More nourishing than a milk or water thanks to its silky texture, this Shea Butter Make-up Remover Oil from L'Occitane gently facilitates the elimination of impurities and all traces of make-up. Transforming into a creamy emulsion on contact with water, this oil is rich in essential fatty acids that effectively penetrate the skin, while preserving its natural moisture. Your best friend for soothing your skin against the wintry frosts.

A moisturising hair mask

Restoring strength and shine to hair damaged by the cold, this Aromachology Repair Mask from L'Occitane is a big favourite. Thanks to its regenerating formula consisting of 5 essential oils, shea butter and sweet almond oil, this anti-breakage cocktail helps to effectively restore the fibres of the hair, while leaving behind a subtle aromatic fragrance of plant essence.

A rich balm for sensitive areas

A true essential in your winter beauty kit, this Shea Cream Duo is in a class of its own thanks to the exceptional amount of miracle butter it contains from Burkina Faso. There is nothing else like it to take care of your hands and feet, particularly when they are subjected to the rigours of the cold. The two creams form a generous tandem that shields your skin with a protective layer, while offering you comfort and softness all day long.

A melting stick for your lips

Skilfully combining regenerating sunflower oil and nourishing shea butter, this Shea and Vanilla Bouquet Lip Balm from L'Occitane will become your mouth's best friend. A soon as you apply it to your lips, say goodbye to the small chaps, cracks and other inconveniences caused by the winter cold. A must have item, it moisturises as well as protects to help restore suppleness and softness - one to keep for yourself in all its various scents.

A restorative night facial cream

More than ever in winter you need to compensate for all the rigours that your skin encounters during the day. Naturally regenerating at night while you sleep, your skin deserves a slight boost during the cold season. Precious Night Cream rebuilds this natural barrier thanks to its formula made from organic immortelle essential oil. A true elixir of youth which adds elasticity and firmness to your skin.

My winter beauty kit
My winter beauty kit
Featuring essential treatments and care, L'Occitane reveals its ideal beauty kit to outwit the plummeting temperatures
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